Behind the Scenes: Building the “Merchant” Set

Ever wonder how our small black box theatre can take on such a different look in each production we do?

It takes hours and hours of dedicated work by Banshee Company Members and a lot of imagination.  Here are a few shots of Banshees working on creating the Italian setting in The Merchant of Venice, opening this Saturday!

At the start there is a pile of wood and a few cardboard columns (generously donated by  Spiral Paper Tube and Core, see March 16th blog entry).

Under the direction of Leslie Baldwin and Sean Branney, the world of Venice slowly becomes real.  The moving bridges are built, the columns become marble and the floor of the stage takes on the appearance of an ancient Italian road.

Of course it will only last for the run of the show, then it gets struck and the theatre turns back into a black box — a blank canvas waiting for the next production and a whole different look!

The Merchant of Venice opens March 24 and runs through May 13. Flagrant racism and anti-semitism mix uncomfortably with honor, friendship and love in a play that defies categorization. Funny, horrifying, charming and unsettling, Merchant’s got it all. See why The Merchant of Venice has remained one of Shakespeare’s most popular — and controversial — plays for more than four centuries. For more info and tickets:

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