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Banshee thanks Spiral Paper Tube & Core for supporting “Merchant”!

When longtime Banshee set designer Arthur McBride decided that we should have pillars on the set of our new production of “The Merchant of Venice,” the first question was “where will we get such things?” That’s when we turned to the Spiral Paper Tube & Core company in Pico Rivera.

Banshee first found out about the company a couple of years ago, when member Andrew Leman needed to build a lot of brain cylinders for the film “The Whisperer in Darkness.” A local family-owned business since 1949,┬áSpiral Paper Tube & Core manufactures spiral paper tubes, cardboard tubes, fiber cans, poster tubes, cardboard cores, and other products. They make every kind and size of paper tube imaginable, from the little ones you’ll find at the center of every roll of tape right up to the huge round tubes used to form concrete pillars that hold up freeway overpasses.

Spiral Paper Tube sometimes has leftover tubes that customers don’t take, and it sets these aside for what it calls its “Community Overstock Program.” ┬áRather than throw them away, Spiral Paper Tube offers them free for the asking to local schools, organizations, artists, and other non-profit entities to use in education, art projects, or in other creative ways. They very kindly donated three huge paper tubes from which we built the pillars you’ll see on set in The Merchant of Venice.

Donating overstock tubes to local groups isn’t the only way Spiral Paper Tube is contributing to the community. The company is committed to the environment and uses recycled paper to manufacture its kraft paper tubes and edge protectors, which results in green packaging products that are also completely recyclable. Each year, in a continued effort to preserve our natural resources, tons of their waste paper is recycled, allowing thousands of trees to remain untouched.

Towering thanks to Emily Hibard and the whole team at Spiral Paper Tube & Core company. Donations like theirs help make it possible for Theatre Banshee to do its work. If you need paper tubes of any size or shape for your school group, theatre production, alien brain cylinders, or some other enterprise, give them a call or visit online at!

Interested in supporting “The Merchant of Venice” or a future Banshee production? Check out our needs here: And thank you!